Universal Aesthetics was created in late 2015 by Konrad Lacki, an evidence based fitness coach and writer. He resides in Cracow, Poland helping others achieve healthy, lean and aesthetic physiques regardless of age. In his spare time he enjoys climbing, basketball, reading on subjects of nutrition & exercise physiology (no surprises there) and graphics design.


OK, I think that’s enough of writing about myself in third person!

I started my professional fitness journey with writing articles about sports nutrition and creating diet plans for a popular Polish sports nutrition company back in 2003, as a young guy working towards his BSc. These days, as a slightly 🙂 older guy I’m trying to spread the love for healthy lifestyle supported by good eating habits and training regimen over social media – something I am still rather new to. I sincerely hope you will find the content I produce interesting and beneficial to your own progress – or at least enjoyable in some way (ideally all of the above!).

If you want to shoot me a question – or just hang around – check out Universal Aesthetics’ facebook page.

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All the best,

– Konrad